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This is gothhousing, an LJ community for Goths and Goth-types to organise housing for themselves, It has been created to help those in the Goth scene make contact with others regarding housing, whether in house-shares, renting, selling, etc. Goths are invited to post whether looking for a place to live or if they have a house, flat or room to sell, let or sub-let. In addition you can ask about information relating to areas that you are intending to move to. Nominally it can also be used for temporary accomodation, i.e. to help organise a shared house in Whitby.

The best way (as I see it) to arrange things would be to post details of what you are offering or looking for then wait for others to respond by replying to your post.

Suggested format for posts:

Rough location of property (probaby a good idea to include city / county / region / country as well as district here).

While most posts so far have concerned London (probably something to do with where I was living when I started this community) there have also been posts regarding Birmingham, Cambridge, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Colchester, Bristol, Brighton, Berlin, Seattle and Manhattan. You should see from this that giving clear geographical information is essential.

What is being offered or what is wanted (house; flat; room / for sale; lease; rent / etc).

A more detailed description of the property in question - what rooms are available, whether they're shared, rough dimensions if available.

Rough prices and details on whether they are open for discussion.

Any other terms (no DSS, cash only, referees, deposits, guarantors, no pets).

Restrictions and allowances:

Any images and overlong posts must be behind an <lj-cut text="lj-cut example"> </lj-cut> (look in the faq for more details).

Please note you have to join this community to post to it - adding it to your friends list won't be enough.

Cross-posting to other communities is allowed (if properties are also being advertised on any other websites then feel free to post links).

Off-topic posts are not allowed.

Repeat postings are not allowed (on some mailing lists the same room has been posted weekly for over a month - this does not help anyone and lowers the signal to noise ratio).

After any arrangements have been confirmed please could you edit your post to let other people know that the property has been taken or that you have found a place.

Serious and / or repeated violations of the above will result in banning from this community (but let's not be nasty though, eh?)

Users are advised to use their own judgement in all affairs and to take precautions as recquired. These precautions include and can be typified by (but are not limited to):

Not posting addresses directly on the community in posts or replies. Addresses should only be given out by private email once negotiations have reached a suitable stage.

Not going into a stranger's home on your own.

Letting other people know where you are going when you view properties.

Read all contracts fully.

All users are requested not to use this community to attempt to sub-let properties where that is restricted by existing contracts or to break the law in any other way.

Disclaimer: I do not accept any responsibility or make any warranty as to accuracy or completeness of any details posted on this community.